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24 March 2015 @ 02:17 pm

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(a comment ficathon about kissing → take three)

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it's the way that you fake it
young justice | dick/artemis, jaime/bart, tim/conner | pg | ~2.604
dick and artemis are not a topic of conversation, tim’s not a stalker, and jaime’s not sure how he and bart are the functional ones. non-superpowered high school/college au.


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in this town of ones and zeros
young americans | scout/will (jake/hamilton) | pg | ~1.985
at seventeen scout stops chasing bella.


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you've been telling me all night
batgirl | steph brown/nick gage | pg-13 | ~1.924
the thing about a really good exit line that they don’t tell you is that the next time you run into the recipient it just ends up being super awkward.

a/n: for rare pair fest 2014.


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we can light a match and burn it down
dcu | harvey/ivy (harvey/harley/joker) | pg-13 | ~1.345
we are the disaster zone. punk band au.

a/n: this is my take on a version of them if there was no such thing as supervillains and instead just people who are fucked up in a different way? for the LET'S MAKE OUT II prompt we are the disaster zone.

@ AO3

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