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Stories From Archive; Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars stories transferred from archive.

Title: Shiny Red Bikes of Happiness (1/?)
Series: The Adventures of Cassidy Casablancas, Age 7 1/2
Author: finkpishnets
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Spoilers: None

Seven year old Cassidy Casablancas stood grinning on the front porch as he watched his big brother, Dick, riding his brand new bike up and down the drive. The eight year old had received the shiny red cycle as a present from their dad after he’d won first place in a district spelling bee. Of course, the rest of the competitors had been two years younger than his brother and he’d only been allowed to enter because Dick Casablancas Senior had paid the committee a substantial amount of money, but it had been necessary.

For some reason, Dick had gotten it into his head that he was stupid, which, Cassidy reflected, was entirely not true. Dick was one of the smartest, coolest, funnest people that Cassidy had ever met and he was always, always glad that he was his big brother. He looked out for Cassidy when the bigger boys teased him and tried to push him around, giving them wedgies and telling them to go away using words that would make their mom scream at him to go to his room. He even let Cassidy hang around with him and his friends even though he had heard them call him a ‘midget’ and a ‘dork’ lots of times to which Dick had just told them to go to hell. Dick was the greatest like that.

So when Dick had come home from school one day with his cheeks flushed and his teeth gritted, Cassidy had been very worried. Eventually he’d managed to find out what was wrong; apparently Dick wasn’t doing very well in class and the mean teacher had told him that he had ‘no potential’. Cassidy had growled at that.

When their dad arrived home later that evening whilst Cassidy was supposed to be in bed, he had snuck down and retold everything that had been confided in him that afternoon. The look on his fathers face made Cassidy relax, knowing that something would be done to cheer his brother up again.

So now Dick was happy as he did wheelies around the driveway because he no longer believed himself stupid and he had a new bike and a shiny trophy, their dad was happy because he’d managed to get someone fired; a favourite pass time of his, and Cassidy was happy simply because everyone else was happy.

He was even happier when Dick let him have a go on his bike.

Title: Seven Year Old Boys and Double Dares (2/?)
Series: The Adventures of Cassidy Casablancas, Age 7 1/2
Author: finkpishnets
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Spoilers: None

What are they talking about? Cassidy thought, taking another bite of his strawberry flavored ice cream and resting his elbows against the glass table top of the little sidewalk café.

“Nu-uh! I saw her bra,” his big brother, Dick, exclaimed loudly, drawing disapproving looks from the old women at the next table.

“I don’t believe you,” Logan Echolls said, taking a giant bite of his own chocolate sundae. Duncan Kane just shook his head.

“I did too!” Dick pouted, glaring at his new friend.

“Well, prove it; what color was it?”

“Pink. With bow things.” Dick looked smug as he crossed his arms over his chest and leant back.

Cassidy felt left out. Being only seven years old and not the mature, advanced age of eight like his companions meant that he hadn’t seen a bra; in fact he didn’t really know what a bra was except he knew it was something to do with girls and it was probably something vaguely dirty if the other boys were talking about it with such awe. He made a mental note to research bras when he got home.

“Why would Madison Sinclair let you see her bra?” Duncan asked, slightly hushed so as not to gain any unnecessary attention.

“Cos she wanted me to kiss her,” Dick told him covertly with a grin.

At this, the other boys looked rather gob smacked and appeared unsure whether to be disgusted or impressed. Eventually they settled for impressed.

“Wow! Did you?” Logan asked.

“Yup.” Dick looked extremely happy with himself.

“Man, that’s so cool.”

Cassidy was bored of this discussion now. He wished they’d go back to talking about school or sports or something so he could join in. Tapping his spoon against the edge of the table he didn’t realize that he’d gained the other boys attention or see them exchanging mischievous looks.

“Cassidy, I dare you to ask that lady over there if you can see her bra.” Cassidy stared at his brother with wide eyes.

“No!” he protested, sitting up straighter.

“Then I double dare you. You can’t duck out of a double dare and if you do then you’ll die,” his brother said melodramatically. Cassidy didn’t actually believe him of course, not really, but at seven the threat of double dare death was not one to be taken lightly.

He gulped, stood up shakily, sent one last pleading look at his unsympathetic brother and shuffled over to the women in question. She was probably in her late thirties (which was very old to a seven year old) and looked nice enough. When he approached she looked at him kindly before asking if she could help him.

“Caniseeyourbraplease,” he muttered, keeping his voice down. He could hear the other boys roaring with laughter a few tables over.


“Can I see yourbraplease.”

There was a full three seconds where she just stared at him before Dick grabbed his hand and he was running along the pavement, Duncan and Logan slightly ahead with shouts from the café behind them.

“I didn’t think you’d actually do it!” Dick shouted when they’d rounded about three corners. Although he was looking at his brother in disbelief there was also something else there; something slightly proud.

“You double dared me; I had to,” he told him as though it made the most sense in the world.

Of course, when Cassidy shut himself in his bedroom later that evening and looked up ‘bra’ in the dictionary, he promised he’d never follow through with a double dare again.

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