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Fic; Veronica Mars; Surfboards and Superheroes

Title: Surfboards and Superheroes (Part 3/?)
Series: The Adventures of Cassidy Casablancas, Age 7 1/2
Author: finkpishnets
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Rating: G
Characters: Cassidy, Dick, Big Dick
Spoilers: None
A/N: Again, written very quickly due to guilt and an urge to write. For hazyflights because I love her. The previous two stories can be found here.

The day that Dick Casablancas’ first surfboard was snapped almost in half by a particularly strong current was the first time that Cassidy Casablancas could remember ever seeing his big brother cry. At eight years old Dick was a tough kid who thought tears were ‘girly’ and had made fun of seven year old Cassidy when he’d sobbed after falling over that one time at the park and scraping his knee – of course, two minutes later when he’d realized his brother was really hurt he’d held his hand and called out to their babysitter to ‘come fix Cass!’

Still, it was not a pretty sight and apparently their father thought so too. In all of Cassidy’s childhood memories, he could rarely remember a time when his dad hadn’t been too busy to do things with his sons; he didn’t take them to soccer games like Duncan’s dad or let them hang out with his friends like Logan’s, instead he would either leave them with their mother or, if she was too ‘tired’, with a babysitter.

Therefore, when he offered to take both Dick and Cassidy down to the beach and buy them brand new surfboards in consolation, it was a huge deal.

Dick had woken Cassidy up super early on that Saturday morning and the two of them had joked around over their cereal until they were snorting orange juice out their noses. It wasn’t unusual for either boy to be hyper (particularly Dick whom their parents believed may have ADD) but on that morning they were impossible to calm down. Their mom took one look at them and complained of a headache, returning to the sanctuary of her bed, whilst their dad laughed at their antics, slapped them on the back and told them to hop in the car.

To be honest, both boys were much too young to actually surf, but when Dick had expressed a particular interest in it, their father had booked him lessons with a local instructor who taught classes to kids between eight and twelve. Cassidy was too young to take the course and as such it would have been pointless for him to own a surfboard. But apparently his dad was going to let him have one anyway; his cheeks were hurting from smiling so much.

“Can I have a red one? With something cool like a lightning bolt on it?” Dick asked loudly from the back seat, practically bouncing out of his seat. Red had always been his favorite color; his room was red, his bike was red, and he’d even asked if he could have red hair but both their mom and dad had vetoed that very quickly.

“We’ll see,” their dad chuckled, pulling off to the right and parking his large car really easily (which may have been because it was over about three spaces, but no one ever seemed to care).

“What color do you want, Cass?” Dick asked, jumping out of the car as soon as it stopped and pulling his brother with him as he bounded across the parking lot.

“Blue,” Cassidy said after a while.

“But why? If it’s blue you won’t be able to see it in the sea, stupid!”

“But I like blue,” Cassidy protested, pulling his arm out of his brothers grip.

“If Cassidy wants a blue board then he can have a blue board,” his dad said, chuckling.

“But that’s stupid,” Dick repeated under his breath. Then loudly, “Hey, you should get the same as me and then we’d be matching!”

Whilst the color blue was still his favorite, there was something to be said for having the same board as his brother. It would be like, like matching superhero cloaks or something. They would be a team. Dick and Cassidy, the Casablancas Brothers. It had a nice ring to it.

“Alright,” he said cheerily as Dick smiled widely and began to pull him along again.

“We’re going to be the coolest!” Dick exclaimed, scaring a few birds off the railing in front of them.

And their boards did look pretty cool; all red and smooth. Dick had chosen them in the end, skipping over the yellow lightening bolts and instead picking out the ones with blue swirls (“So it’s got both our favorite colors”).

Now Cassidy just needed to learn how to surf.

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