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the world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold

the curves of your lips rewrite history

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the fic journal of finkpishnets
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ivory & gold

this is the fanfiction (and occassionally art and mix) journal of finkpishnets.

disclaimer; anything you recognise does not belong to me. I simply manipulate and abuse for my own enjoyment and (sometimes) that of others. It is all fictional, especially the stuff including real people. No harm is intended, and you probably shouldn't google yourself anyway.


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albus/scorpius, alec/magnus, alex/justin, an education, antonia thomas, arthur/ariadne, arthur/ariadne/eames, arthur/eames, as the world turns, ash/stacie, bandom, ben 10: alien force, ben/kevin, bobby/warren, bodie/doyle, bones, brick, britannia high, chris/jal, clay/tony, cobb/mal, colin/bradley, cupid/psyche, daniela ruah, danny/jez, david/selena, dawn/ryan, declan/fiona, degrassi: the next generation, disney rpf, doctor who, doctor/ianto, doctor/master, donna/gene, draco/ginny, edwin/lucas, eric christian olsen, fall out boy, friday night lights, gage golightly, galen hooks, gemma chan, gilmore girls, ginny/oz, hank/alex, hanschen/ernst, harry potter, harry/niall, heroes, high school musical, hodgins/sweets, hollyoaks, hustle, ianto/owen, icarly, inception, jace/simon, jack/ianto, jackie/hyde, james/lily, jasper/bella, jenny/danny, jez/bb, jez/lola, jgl/cillian, john paul/craig, jon/ryan, joshua/jason, kelly/nathan, kirk/mccoy, last cake standing, liam/louis, liam/louis/harry/niall, liam/niall, life on mars, lucas/nick, luke/casey, luke/lorelai, luke/noah, luke/reid, mac/cassidy, master/rose, matt/aiden, merlin, merlin/arthur, merlin/morgana, michael/maria, misfits, molly/micah, mythology, ncis la, nearly famous, one direction, owen/ianto, owen/lila, owen/suzie, owen/ten, owen/tosh, panic gsf, panic! at the disco, percy jackson, percy/nico, pete/patrick, peter/claire, peter/riley, remus/sirius, robert/ariadne, roman mythology, ron/hermione, rory/jess, rose/doctor, roswell, ryan/taylor, ryan/tennessee, sam/freddie, sam/gene, selena/jake, seth/summer, sinqua walls, skins, south park, spring awakening, stan/kyle, star trek, teddy/victoire, teen wolf, th1rteen r3asons why, that 70's show, the like, the mortal instruments, the oc, the professionals, the young veins, tim/tyra, tony/cassie, torchwood, tru calling, tru/jack, tyler posey, veronica mars, veronica/logan, wizards of waverly place, x factor, x-men, z/annie

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